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              Current location:home > services

              Freight Forwarding

              · Signed cooperation agreements with 25 major container liner companies like Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, etc.

              · 12 branch offices in all the major ports and economically developed cities along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu


              · Overseas agents throughout all major ports in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States all major ports

              · Logistics Management System supporting e-booking & EDI

              · Customer focused communication platform

              · provide the whole visual information includes booking/declaration/trucking/discharging /documentation/billing on website

              · Dynamic tracking system of shipment

              Customs Clearance

              · Certified on customs declaration and inspection

              · Nanjing, Changshu and Taicang, Lukou airport & rail way station etc.

              · Specialized department in the airport and railway station.

              · Professional team

              Ship Transportation

              · Authorized as one of the 11 feeder liner carriers in the inner route of the Yangtze River Own and operating

              · Feeder service cover all Jiangsu Ports along Yangtze River

              · Ever-Rich Shipping get 3 fixed feeders license approved by SIPG

              · Mainly engaged in the import and export of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River container transport,

              · barges anchored in Wuhu, Anhui Province to Shanghai section

              · In 2015, import and export volume reached 340,000 TEU; Total historical transport capacity is more than 2.4 million TEU

              · One new container ship named Henglongshengsong(24000Ton) was built and engaged in conasting line

              Truck Transportation

              · Over 40 vehicles trucks in Nanjing & Taicang

              · Coverage of Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Henan and other provinces

              Bonded Warehousing

              · Located in Taicang, registered as the B class bonded logistics company in the Bonded Logistics park

              · Business Scope: bonded warehouse, land transportation, warehouse processing, display of imported products, import

              customs clearance and quarantine sanitary inspection, etc.

              · 12000 square meters of bonded warehouse

              · Use the WMS System

              Distance to major ports:

              · Taicang Port::1km

              · Shanghai Waigaoqiao:60km

              · Yangshan Port:130km

              · Taicang City:20km

              · Kunshan:40km

              · Suzhou:60km

              · Shanghai City:60km

              Shipping Agency

              · Certified International Shipping Agent by MOT (Ministry of transport of P. R. China)

              · Pilotage, berthing, loading and unloading

              · Bill of lading, contracting of carriage agent, booking

              · Packing and customs clearance of goods

              · Cargo forwarders, loading and unloading, container shipping and transit

              · Freight fee collecting and settlement

              Air Transportation

              · Specific Logistics Division for Air Transportation

              · Close cooperation with many Airline company

              · Provide Services covered for all major routes